A new class of app that helps brokers engage with their clients with the aid of AI natural language generation.

Realiser’s Broker Portal is a web application designed to allow brokers to request Income and Expense data from customers and to manage their responses. Our Broker Portal was designed with user experience and operational efficiency in mind, bursting at the seams with compelling and best in market features designed to improve broker productivity.

We are very proud of what we believe to be the best set of Income & Expense Assessment Tools in the market. Brokers can view Income & Expense summaries, transaction details, as well as review AI flagged transactions and create auditable annotations and amendments ready for final application submission.

Every customer invited to submit their Income & Expense data via the Realiser platform gets access to their own profile, where they can manage their submissions, stay in contact with their Broker and discover the power of truly understanding their financial position with our My Position dashboard.

For every Income & Expense submission collected from the customer Realiser generates a Natural Language advisory report in seconds which would otherwise take hours. The Realiser Report sets out in simple, unambiguous language the financial position of the customer, empowering the broker to have meaningful conversations with their client, providing them real value.