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Propel VenturesMar 21, 2023 11:04:01 AM1 min read

Efficient Integration Strategy: The Key to Unlocking Render's Success

With trillions of dollars being spent on fiber and wireless infrastructure projects globally, the need to maximise productivity and minimise risk has become crucial. In 2013, Render identified a gap in the industry's ability to build telecommunications infrastructure at the required speed and scale to meet the demand for broadband. 

Render leveraged its deep industry knowledge and expertise in mathematics and software development to create an innovative approach to address the challenges faced by modern infrastructure projects. Render's geospatial network construction platform digitises the construction workflow, enabling telecommunication network operators and construction teams to simplify and speed up their work.

When Render saw an opportunity to increase sales, retention, and customer lifetime value by integrating its platform with the systems used by its various client stakeholders, it turned to Propel for assistance. Prior to making an investment decision, Render sought to pursue an evidence-based approach to ensure the appropriate integration product strategy and development approach.


Render had previously undertaken bespoke data integrations and developed an invitation-based API to assist client implementations, but these efforts did not fully meet users' needs. Propel undertook its proprietary 'Mission Planning' approach to work closely with the Render team and stakeholders in a four-phase approach to identify the target market and understand the relevant pain points in the problem space.


Propel assisted Render in developing a validated product strategy, high-level technical feasibility assessment, and a recommended phased execution approach to the implementation of integrations. Through user research, Propel identified market needs and streamlined Render's integration focus into four key areas where the most valuable use cases were found.


Render adopted the proposed phased approach to drive customer adoption, retention, and increase customer lifetime value. The strategic approach solved the most fundamental integration needs, and the solution was leveraged to build for bigger needs. Overall, the collaboration between Render and Propel resulted in a more effective integration product strategy and a successful execution approach.