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Software Development Services in Australia

Propel’s product squads work as an extension of your team, using future proofed engineering techniques to help you get your products to market faster.

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Software development is a meticulous and dynamic process that involves multiple stages, ensuring the ability to build the right thing for the business and customers. It begins by meticulously gathering requirements from diverse sources to gain a deep understanding of the software's intended purpose. With this knowledge in hand, a comprehensive design is crafted, encompassing the ideal architecture, user interface, and features that align with the needs of both the business and customers. Skilled developers proficiently write code in various programming languages during the implementation phase, followed by thorough testing to ensure functionality and eliminate any potential bugs. Finally, the software is deployed, enabling its availability to users by deploying the software into production. By following this rigorous process, Propel Ventures software development services strives to create software solutions that precisely cater to the requirements of the business and deliver a seamless experience to its customers.


At Propel Ventures, we follow the "Propel Way" as our guiding framework for software development services. Rooted in our core values of a founders mindset, craftsmanship, client obsession, forthright communication, and creating outsized impact, we prioritize a customer-centric product development methodology. With our custom software development services, we embrace Agile software development principles to deliver tailored solutions that align with your unique requirements. Our collaborative approach focuses on utilizing best practices, maintaining code quality, implementing continuous integration, automated deployment, and early release strategies. Additionally, we emphasize monitoring and alerting systems to ensure optimal performance and follow the testing pyramid for comprehensive software testing. With a customer-centric approach, our custom software application development services strive to create custom software applications that exceed your expectations, address your specific needs, and provide an exceptional user experience. 


At Propel Ventures, we prioritize a collaborative approach in delivering our agile software development services. Our product squads don't merely work for you—they work with you. We form dynamic partnerships with businesses, understanding your goals and target market intimately. This collaborative spirit feeds directly into our unique Lift-Off service, a product team-as-a-service, which we believe is instrumental in setting your venture on a successful flight path.

Best Practices

We adhere to best practices in all our engagements, right from understanding your business goals to defining your product vision and roadmap. Our product squads use agile software development processes, consisting of short sprints and frequent software delivery. This methodology promotes adaptability and continuous improvement. Our Agile software development services integrate feedback loops into our process, enabling us to refine our product based on your insights, ultimately ensuring we deliver a software solution that perfectly aligns with your needs.

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Code Quality

Maintaining high code quality is paramount to our software development services. We understand that well-written code is easier to maintain, update, and less likely to contain bugs. To assure this, we use advanced tools like SonarQube that aid us in enhancing and maintaining code quality, thereby ensuring a robust, future-proof software product.

Continuous Integration

Continuous integration is at the heart of our agile software development services. We perform regular code reviews, allowing us to identify and rectify potential problems before they escalate. Monitoring the software continuously lets us spot performance issues and security vulnerabilities in a timely manner, improving the stability and reliability of the end product.

Automated Deployment

In line with our commitment to efficiency, we leverage automated deployment to accelerate the software delivery process. By automating, we save time, reduce errors, and ensure that your software is always up-to-date and deployed correctly. This practice not only ensures a smooth deployment process but also enables frequent updates and iterations, a crucial aspect of modern, agile software development.

Release Early and Often

In our custom software development services, we advocate releasing products early and often. This approach is pivotal in today's competitive software landscape. Early release allows us to gather user feedback quickly, facilitating continuous improvements. While the initial version may not be perfect, this iterative approach ensures that we can refine and improve the product based on real-world user feedback.

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Monitoring and Alerting

A strong monitoring and alerting system is vital for agile software development services. Our system swiftly identifies and fixes potential product issues, preventing them from affecting end-users. By proactively monitoring and rectifying issues, we ensure that your software products maintain high performance and reliability, enhancing user satisfaction and trust in your product.


We employ the testing pyramid model to ensure thorough and effective testing. This model consists of three levels: unit tests, integration tests, and system tests. Each level serves a different purpose and, combined, they ensure that your product is well-tested at different scales—from individual units of code to the interaction between different units, and the overall functioning of the entire system. Prioritizing testing efforts based on the testing pyramid helps us deliver robust, high-quality software without wasting time on unnecessary testing processes.


Step into the future of software development with Propel Ventures. Based in Melbourne, Australia, we are leading the way with our innovative approach to providing custom software application development services. As a forerunner in custom software development services, we are transforming businesses by offering our unique Lift-Off service.

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Amplify Success with Propel's Product Squads

Propel's product squads are not just teams; they're your partners on the journey to successful software development. Our squads are cross-functional units that integrate seamlessly with your organisation, delivering many benefits. One of the most tangible benefits is the speed to market. Our squads work relentlessly with you, defining your product vision, developing your product roadmap, and building an efficient product team. The result is a faster go-to-market time, giving you a competitive edge. Working with Propel's squads significantly reduces risk. We aid in validating your product ideas, conducting user research, and formulating a sound product strategy. This collaborative approach reduces the chances of error and increases the chances of success. Our Custom software development services have a sterling track record of helping startups and small businesses build successful products. We leverage our deep understanding of the product development process and are unwaveringly committed to helping you succeed.

Future-Proof Development Techniques

At Propel, we specialize in scalable and maintainable software development services tailored to your specific needs. Our agile software development services ensure that your software can handle increased volumes of traffic while maintaining a seamless user experience, giving you a competitive edge. We prioritize scalability to meet growing demand and provide cost-effective solutions that save you infrastructure costs. Maintainability is a core focus of our development approach, enabling us to swiftly iterate on existing software and address any issues or defects. By following agile methodologies and best practices, we ensure that your software remains up-to-date and compatible with the latest technologies. Additionally, our emphasis on security includes robust vulnerability detection in the software and packages we use. Regular security audits and testing ensure the protection of your valuable data from potential breaches. With Propel's scalable, maintainable, and secure custom software application development services, you can future-proof your business, adapt to market changes, and propel your success.

Getting Products to Market Faster

Our Lift-Off service, underpinned by agile software development services, is designed to speed up your product's journey to the market. A faster launch helps you increase your market share, enabling you to reach your customers before your competitors do. In addition to boosting your market presence, it leads to increased revenue as early sales begin to flow in. Getting your products to market faster can improve customer satisfaction. By releasing products early and often, customers have the opportunity to provide feedback, which allows us to refine the products over time. Furthermore, a faster go-to-market time reduces risk. We're able to learn from any missteps, make improvements to your product before a full-scale release, and steer clear of potential pitfalls. At Propel Ventures, we provide more than just software development services; we offer a partnership that drives success. Our Melbourne-based team is ready to provide you with custom software application development services that will propel your business into the future. Choose Propel for a seamless Lift-Off and enjoy a journey that is as rewarding as the destination.

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We had the privilege of collaborating with Propel to deliver our mobile employee experience, and the results were truly remarkable. Propel's expertise in product management ensured that best practices for discovery, planning and delivery were in play, ensuring that our product was strategically aligned and poised for success in the market. Not only did the product boast an exceptional design and robust product processes, but Propel also facilitated a seamless skills transfer to our internal team upon completion of the year-long project. Working with Propel felt like an extension of our own teams, as they demonstrated incredible flexibility and collaboration throughout the entire journey. Their partnership has been instrumental in our success, and we highly recommend them to anyone seeking to elevate their product development efforts.

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With a pressing need to bring a new school kiosk solution to market, Education Horizons enlisted the help of Propel. Within just five months, our team delivered a transformative product that allows schools to better manage attendance patterns, non-standard check-ins, and visitor compliance.


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What are services in software development?

Software development services are crucial for businesses to meet their specific needs and leverage technology for growth and efficiency. These Software development services include custom software development, application development, system integration, maintenance and support, testing and quality assurance, and training and consulting. Custom software development services offer tailored solutions, while application development enables automation and enhanced user experiences. System integration streamlines operations across multiple software systems, and maintenance and support ensure ongoing functionality. Testing and quality assurance guarantee software reliability, and training and consulting services equip businesses with the necessary skills. 

Why do you need software development services?

Software development services are essential for businesses to improve efficiency, automate tasks, create new products, enhance customer service, and stay competitive. These services offer benefits such as speed, expertise, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. Different types of software development services include custom software development, application development, system integration, and maintenance/support. When choosing a software development company, consider their experience, agile approach, communication practices, scalability, and commitment to security and quality assurance.

What is agile software development?

Agile software development is a set of principles for developing software that emphasizes iterative development, collaboration, and customer feedback. Agile development teams typically work in short sprints, each of which produces a working version of the software. This allows teams to get feedback from customers early and often, which helps to ensure that the software meets the needs of the users. Agile development has many benefits, including increased customer satisfaction, reduced risk, increased productivity, and improved communication.

What is MVP in software development?

An MVP, or Minimum Viable Product, is a version of a product that has just enough features to be usable by early customers. The goal of an MVP is to gather feedback from users as early as possible in the development process. This feedback can be used to improve the product and make it more successful.

What is ‘The Propel Way’? 

The Propel Way is a customer-centric product development methodology that uses agile development, data-driven decision-making, and collaboration to help businesses accelerate their product development process and deliver products that meet the needs of the customer.

The ultimate product development guide. By Propel Ventures.

For new products to succeed companies need to increase product market fit while shortening their time to market. Download The Propel WayTM to Successful Product Development and discover how to do both.
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