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Australia's healthcare sector is evolving with technology, enhancing service delivery through telehealth and wearable devices. Companies like Strength by Numbers are thriving by offering innovative MedTech solutions. This technological shift promises improved access and efficiency, yet it requires careful navigation of ethical dilemmas and the maintenance of personal patient interaction in this new digital health landscape.


Operating at the nexus of research, product-led strategy, and user-centred design, our agile development teams bring seasoned domain expertise to ensure solutions are not only innovative but also resonate deeply with customers. 


Propel is your partner in shaping Australia's customer-focused digital energy evolution.

Australia's electricity industry is evolving, reflected in over 2.6 million households adopting rooftop solar. The nation's renewable capacity surpasses the 2020 target of 33,000 GWh, signifying commitment to sustainability. This shift brings challenges, with decentralised energy raising grid stability concerns. By 2050, 50% of electricity might come from distributed sources.

Informed consumers now seek green energy, transparency, and tailored experiences. Over 70% of Australians want digital tools for real-time energy tracking. This era prioritises data insights and interactive platforms.

Our expertise merges tech innovation with deep industry insight. Partnering with leaders like AGL, we've spearheaded change, delivering agile, user-focused solutions. The sector's future is about blending tradition and innovation. Committed to excellence, we guide you through this transition, ensuring challenges are addressed innovatively.

Propel is your partner in navigating Australia's technologically evolving healthcare landscape

Australia's healthcare sector is currently undergoing significant changes, largely driven by technological advancements. This evolution is reshaping the way healthcare services are delivered and managed, presenting both opportunities and challenges.

The adoption of healthcare technology is rapidly increasing. Telehealth, for instance, has become more prevalent, providing patients with remote consultations and care. Companies like Coviu, an Australian telehealth software provider, have seen a surge in usage, facilitating virtual doctor visits and online consultations. This shift not only improves access to healthcare services, especially in remote areas, but also reduces the burden on physical healthcare facilities.

Wearable health technology is also gaining traction. Australian startups like Cardihab are offering digital solutions for cardiac rehabilitation through wearable devices. These devices help monitor patients' health metrics in real-time, allowing for timely interventions and better management of chronic conditions. Similarly, companies like Strength by Numbers are utilizing AI to analyze medical data and assist in research and diagnosis.

While these technologies promise enhanced diagnostic accuracy, they also raise significant concerns about data privacy and the ethical implications of AI in decision-making processes. Increasing digitization of health records poses substantial cybersecurity risks, with the threat of sensitive patient data being compromised. Leading to challenges like potential misinformation, over-reliance on self-diagnosis, and the risk of data privacy breaches.

In summary, the technological transformation of Australia's healthcare sector brings numerous benefits such as improved access, efficiency, and personalized treatment. However, these advancements are accompanied by negative impacts like reduced personal patient interaction, data privacy concerns, cybersecurity risks, and potential ethical dilemmas, necessitating a balanced and cautious approach to healthcare technology integration.

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