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Propel VenturesJun 6, 2023 1:49:41 PM3 min read

With Propel, Strength By Numbers infrastructure was HIPAA and ISO 27001 compliance-ready in 2 days

Propel Ventures developed a new SaaS application for Strength By Numbers and saved weeks of time by using DNX's Citadel platform to implement a secure and compliant AWS cloud infrastructure in a matter of days.

By working with a partner for some of the specialised infrastructure, Propel was able to accelerate the software delivery for the functional aspects of the app.


Strength by Numbers developed the AxIT System, an innovative set of hand-held dynamometers and portable force plates that instantly measure patient strength performance. The AxIT System then provides practitioners with objective assessment data via the AxIT Application for initial assessment, progress monitoring and visualisation with the patient. 

Propel Ventures prides itself on taking a strategic approach to product delivery designed for long term, scalable and commercially successful products. For this mission, we used a Propel product team comprising product strategists, designers, delivery leaders and engineers with depth of experience in determining product market fit, validating development progress with user testing and feedback, supporting ongoing growth and delivering outcomes for their partners. 

Citadel is a smart platform for managing the AWS cloud infrastructure. Using their configuration for our AWS instance, we could easily create environments, deploy and manage resources, and be high-secure, audit-ready and compliant with SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and CDR standards. Citadel provides a fully compliant cloud environment from day 1, by automating the manual configuration of AWS infrastructure.



Strength by Numbers had an opportunity to transform their business by developing a cloud solution to unlock the power of metadata collected from thousands of tests on the AxIT systems in their network. This rich source of test data can be analysed to provide fact-based insights and recommendations back to physiotherapists to tailor rich and meaningful sessions with their patients. 

Additionally, the cloud frees up the physiotherapists to perform administrative work at a location and time that suits them, allowing them to focus on what they do best, helping their patients achieve their goals. 



Strength by Numbers engaged Propel to develop their cloud data offering with the following objectives front of mind:

  • An environment that is secure (ISO 27001) and regulatory compliant for the medical data they hold for patients in Australia and overseas (HIPAA).
  • Speed to market is essential. As a business ready to scale, Strength by Numbers needed to quickly and efficiently complete development and get customers migrated to the new solution. 
  • The outcome needs to be future proof, flexible and easy to manage.

Propel Ventures’ engineers and product managers are experienced at building great product features but did not have the deep experience or time to deep dive into regulation relating to medical-specific data and building out a compliant medical infrastructure that would scale appropriately outside of Australia.



DNX and Propel worked in tandem to onboard Strength by Numbers to Citadel and built the security and governance layer in under two days. 

Citadel was linked directly to Strength by Numbers AWS Management Account, followed by the creation of ‘Log Archive’ and ‘Audit’ accounts, adhering to the AWS Well-Architected Framework. 

After this, the infrastructure was deployed into the newly created accounts to provide a security and governance layer for features and services like GuardDuty, API Gateway, Fargate, RDS and Metabase. 

For future proofing, Strength by Numbers’ installed AWS infrastructure will automatically stay up to date and be co-managed by Citadel and Strength by Numbers going forward.

With the setup complete inside two days, the team was free to move to the next steps – building the database, services and front-end that Strength by Numbers required.