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Propel VenturesApr 18, 2023 9:49:24 AM2 min read

Propel Helps Strength By Numbers Unlock the Power of Metadata with Secure and Compliant Cloud Solution

Strength By Numbers is a team of dedicated health and fitness professionals who are committed to enhancing their industry through objective assessment data. After extensive research, design, and development, they created the AxIT System, an innovative tool that consolidates patients' strength performance data. This system provides practitioners with objective measurements that can be used in initial assessments, progress monitoring, and patient visualisation. With AxIT, practitioners can track their patients' progress and better tailor their treatment plans to achieve optimal results.


With the abundance of analysable test data collected by the AxIT System, SBN saw the opportunity to unlock the power of metadata and provide fact-based insights and recommendations to health & fitness professionals. This would be transformative for SBN’s business, allowing practitioners such as physiotherapists to develop better-informed treatment plans for their patients. SBN engaged Propel to develop their cloud offering, which needed to meet medical data compliance regulations and be scalable both within and outside of Australia.

The primary needs for the solution were that it needed to be user-friendly, easily managed, flexible, and future-proofed. It also needed to guarantee that data would be kept secure in line with Australian and overseas standards, specifically ISO 27001 and HIPAA. In order to ensure compliance requirements were met, SBN engaged a Citadel delivery partner, DNX Solutions, to provide guidance. DNX Solutions proposed utilising Citadel’s secure infrastructure for the SBN cloud offering, which was built in just two days. Citadel deployed infrastructure into the newly created accounts to provide a security and governance layer for features and services like GuardDuty, API Gateway, Fargate, RDS, and Metabase.


With the highly secure and compliant AWS cloud infrastructure up and running, Propel then developed a highly functional proof of concept that demonstrated how the metadata can be consolidated in a cloud database with insights delivered back to the client devices. They also provided designs for a web and Android native interface that uses the data to assist practitioners to make recommendations to end-users. Having Citadel deployed so quickly saved Propel weeks that would have been otherwise spent on building infrastructure and researching regulations and standards.


Propel prides itself on taking a strategic approach to product delivery designed for long-term, scalable, and commercially successful products. SBN was able to clearly demonstrate to their clients and investors the future vision of the SBN offering, securing their buy-in to the exciting future that lies ahead. By working with an experienced Citadel delivery partner, Propel was able to quickly deliver a secure and scalable cloud infrastructure, compliance-ready for both HIPAA and ISO 27001, opening up the path for Strength By Numbers to transform their business and scale internationally.