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Propel VenturesApr 5, 2023 11:33:38 AM2 min read

Propel helps AGL achieve 12% sales uplift and improved user experience with streamlined NBN plans webpage

AGL is an established Australian brand with over 180 years of experience offering energy, solar, and renewable energy services. Recently, AGL expanded its services to include NBN and mobile services, resulting in a complex technology landscape with a mix of systems. Despite the challenges of a large, established business, AGL is dedicated to improving its customer experience by making services easy and seamless.


After releasing two additional customer plans for their internet services, the AGL team quickly observed that their NBN plans webpage had become cluttered. Visitors could no longer easily find key service information which was causing an increase in drop offs, and in turn, impacting customer uptake.

AGL engaged Propel to help them solve this challenge. The task was to declutter the webpage and make key information more easily accessible to visitors, while ensuring a seamless user experience. The project required a deep understanding of AGL's complex technology landscape, including the mix of new, legacy and acquired systems in place. Propel's expertise in user-centric design and agile methodologies enabled them to quickly identify pain points and implement effective solutions that met AGL's business objectives.


To begin, Propel conducted user testing to identify pain points and understand customer behaviour. This research was then used to inform strategic design solutions, with the chosen option aimed at addressing the issues raised by users. Propel was instrumental in accelerating the development of the chosen solution and enabling AGL's content team to author components of the new webpage without complex code changes. The solution was ultimately developed and delivered by Propel, with a live update released in late July 2022 as part of an A/B test against the existing internet plans page. To ensure successful delivery, Propel reviewed AGL's backlog and identified work that could deliver the biggest pieces of value in a short delivery time, and integrated quickly into their systems and ways of working.


With Propel's solution, AGL was able to achieve impressive results. The A/B test achieved 94% significance within just 12 days, and the new design held steadily over 90% confidence. The solution resulted in a 12% increase in visits to sign-up conversion rate compared to the existing experience, which translates to a $225k increase in internet plan sales for AGL in a year. 

Propel's solution also resulted in quality of life improvements for AGL's internal teams and identified potential areas of focus to shorten the path to production. Across other key metrics, the solution saw a 7% increase in users engaging with the address search, resulting in 4% more users completing their address lookup, indicating that more users were engaging with the new design. Overall, Propel's solution delivered significant sales uplift for both internet and mobile plans, as well as meaningful improvements for AGL's internal processes.