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Propel VenturesMar 9, 2023 3:17:10 PM1 min read

Revolutionising Fan Experience with AFL On Demand

AFL On Demand is a new video streaming platform that showcases the best programming the AFL has to offer, including selected match highlights, original series, and some of the AFL's most-watched shows and stories. Currently in its BETA version, the platform features most of the major features but is not yet complete.

As the AFL continues to grow and develop, both as a sport and an organisation, AFL On Demand fills a critical gap in the AFL's digital product offerings. By compiling archival game footage, team-based content, and entertainment options, and delivering them directly to consumers, AFL On Demand provides a comprehensive and convenient viewing experience that fans have been clamouring for. 

A well-defined product design and feature roadmap, alongside a clear digital product strategy that includes purpose and go-to-market pricing, is essential for the success of the platform, potentially attracting a larger supporter base and increasing membership sign-ups and conversions overall.


The AFL identified a need for a complementary OTT (over the top) streaming service platform, AFL On Demand (AoD), that would utilise underused and original digital content assets, assisting the AFL in its efforts in capturing and monetising new and existing customer markets.

Propel’s strategy team was engaged to bring together a structured and revitalised product and go to market strategy that would enable the business to meet intersecting product, business and customer goals.


Propel assessed the current state of the AoD Beta platform, including features, content, target fan demographics and product roadmap. Key customer segments were defined and interviews were conducted to validate hypotheses, further develop strategic insights and review/test the current AoD interface. Propel identified areas of product uplift and provided high fidelity concepts based on user insights gathered from AFL fans, competitive analysis of similar products in market and thoughts provided from key AFL stakeholders.


Propel provided the AFL with a clear short-medium term product & go to market strategy and a high fidelity desktop prototype, outlining key considerations for the AFL to deliver a best in class OTT AoD next generation streaming platform. Currently, Propel and the AFL are exploring next steps in order to bring these new products to life, including completing a broad reaching quantitative market research piece to validate the currently hypothesised structure of pricing and packaging options.