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Ben Ross | Propel Ventures Co-FounderOct 23, 2023 9:19:12 PM2 min read

The Next-Generation Skills of a Product Manager in the AI Era

In a world increasingly dominated by Artificial Intelligence (AI), I am commonly asked how product management is changing. The essence is that product managers are no exception to the wave of change and in fact there are a bunch of things that now seperate the next generation of product managers from those who were good per the old ways of working, and need to switch up their game. Essentially, the advances in AI are not just changing the product landscape; they're also altering the skill set needed to excel in product management. Let's dive into what sets next-generation product managers apart from their traditional counterparts.

1. Using AI to Expedite Concept-to-Prototype

Traditional product management often hinges on lengthy discussions with UX and engineering teams to transform a concept into a viable prototype. The next-gen product manager leverages AI tools to accelerate this phase. These tools can perform tasks like market research, design suggestions, and even code generation, enabling a faster transition from idea to prototype.

2. Streamlining Requirements with AI

Defining clear, actionable requirements has always been crucial in product management. The next-generation product manager uses AI to automate this process, ensuring a much more efficient use of time and resources. Advanced algorithms can help sift through large amounts of data, drawing insights that can refine product requirements more effectively than ever before.

3. Lifelong Learning and Teaching

In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, continual learning is indispensable. Next-generation product managers don't just learn; they actively teach others, sharing insights about new technologies and methodologies. This not only keeps the team updated but also fosters a culture of continuous improvement.

4. Mastering Stakeholder Management

Excellent communication skills are a cornerstone of effective product management. The next-generation product manager takes every opportunity to refine these skills, whether it's through brown bag lunches, workshops, or presentations. They constantly engage with senior leaders, making an effort to not just convey their ideas but also to ask, "How can I help?"

5. Proactivity in Special Projects

Seizing opportunities for special projects shows initiative and can lead to significant career growth. Next-generation product managers are always on the lookout for these projects, and they’re proactive about offering their skills. Rather than waiting for opportunities to come to them, they go to senior leaders and ask, "How can I help?"


As the capabilities of AI continue to grow, so too must the competencies of product managers. By adapting to these next-generation skills, product managers will not only stay relevant but also become indispensable assets in the new AI-driven landscape.


What are you doing to keep up with the game?