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Ben Ross | Propel Ventures Co-FounderMay 10, 2024 11:48:35 AM1 min read

Melbourne Software Engineering and Product Management Meetup Event: Double your productivity with AI

What a great night! A whole lot of fun with a wide variety of AI presentations from Propel team members at the Propel Base Station.

You can watch a recording of the whole evening at this link, or have a read below for some of the highlights:

Copilots as a productivity multiplier

The Propel team members explored how AI technologies like Microsoft Copilot are revolutionising productivity in the workplace. By automating mundane tasks such as meeting summaries and email management, employees can focus on more strategic activities. The integration of AI in daily operations not only simplifies tasks but also enhances decision-making processes through comprehensive data analysis and action item tracking.


Innovative Applications of AI in Software Development

Our development team shared insights into how AI is being leveraged to double productivity within software projects. Using advanced AI tools, the team has successfully streamlined various stages of the software development lifecycle, from initial design to deployment. This includes automating code generation from designs and enhancing project management with AI-driven insights and predictions.

AI-Driven Product and API Strategy

The Tech Talk also highlighted the innovative use of AI in creating detailed architecture diagrams. This segment demonstrated how AI tools can rapidly translate complex system requirements into clear and structured architectural representations, enhancing understanding and communication among development teams.

By automating the generation of these diagrams, AI enables architects and engineers to focus on optimising design and strategy, significantly speeding up the initial stages of project planning and ensuring a more streamlined execution

Interactive AI Tool Demonstrations

The Propel team members also provided live demonstrations of AI tools in action, showcasing their capability to transform ideas into prototypes swiftly. These demos provided practical examples of AI's potential to facilitate rapid development cycles and innovation.



As always with events, it is fantastic to bring the community together, see the regulars and some new faces too. The volume was LOUD in the room as people got to know each other, shared stories and set up time to keep the connection going. Really good fun.