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Amy Johnson | Chief Product Officer PropelMar 20, 2024 2:10:39 PM2 min read

Growing Pains? Maybe you need to think about your first product hire

You've found product-market fit and are ready to scale. As a founder, where do you begin? You know your company inside out, but sometimes you're too close to the magnifying glass to see the bigger picture. That's where Propel can help, providing an external perspective of where you're at and what's needed to scale effectively. As a founder, this might mean scaling yourself by hiring your first product manager or investing in your existing teams capability.

Start with a Pulse Check

To successfully scale, it's essential to know where you are at now. That's where a comprehensive Propel capability assessment comes into play. This includes understanding if you have the product operating model foundations in place, the maturity of your delivery practices, and the competencies of product managers within the organisation (if you have them). Think of it as a health check-up for your company's product development lifecycle.

Go Deeper by Talking to Your Teams

We talk with your team and really dig into how things are done to get a clear picture of what's happening inside your business.  From what we learn, we provide you with a list of actionable recommendations that make sense for your specific situation, designed to help your business grow and improve in the right way. 

We then work with you and your leadership team to prioritise the actions and ensure the change you are making, sticks.

Common Pitfalls we Find

Any of this sound familiar?

- Vision or strategy is locked away in the founder's head
- A lack of product discovery meaning money spent on features that don't get used
- Changing priorities confusing the team
- Inconsistent voice of customer and missing feedback loops
- Go-to-market planning is last minute and incomplete, confusing the team and customers

The Straight Talk on Discovery

One big thing we harp on about is listening to your customers, empathising with their pain and how you can solve genuine and valuable problems for them. It’s not about throwing features at the wall and seeing what sticks. It’s about knowing what the right thing to build is before you start building it. That means less waste, less frustration, and products and features that people actually want to use.

One Source of Truth

Forget the loudest voice in the room. We help you set up systems where decisions are made on real data, real feedback, and real results. Everyone’s on the same page, driving towards the same goal.

Closing the Loop

Feedback isn’t just about collecting it; it’s about acting on it. We show you how to close that loop, so nothing valuable falls through the cracks.

Bottom Line

Growing your business is about making sure your vision comes to life in the best way possible. Your company is unique, and so is the plan we'll create with you. It's not about giving you a cookie-cutter solution—it's about crafting a way forward that fits your business and carefully considers how to effectively manage the change so your people are on board.


Amy Johnson | Chief Product Officer Propel

A product leader, passionate about empowering teams and fostering inclusion. Multi industry experience, now leading the product team at Propel, where we partner with you to accelerate your product development and achieve product market fit faster.