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Amy Johnson | Chief Product Officer PropelMay 28, 2024 1:33:39 PM2 min read

The Surprise & Delight of Learning

Reflecting on what I find most enjoyable in product management roles, I surprised myself somewhat when I realised it was the learning. Of course, achieving outcomes and delivering customer value is great, but the greatest satisfaction comes from what I learn along the way.

Counterintuitively, being wrong is inspiring, there is delight in having assumptions disproved. Having a  customer conversation change the course of what you were going to do is incredibly valuable and personally I find, a joy.

There's a lot of fun in learning new domains, spotting patterns, and applying a product mindset to solve problems in different domains and industries. It’s a good workout for the brain.

Learning about product management through others has also been eye opening. The product management community here in Australia and globally is open, giving and willing to share knowledge. There is plenty of robust (and for the most part), healthy debate that challenges our thinking and help us each sharpen our tools.

I also love learning frameworks and gobble up new ideas about how to approach new challenges. What I have learned most about frameworks and tools that you need to understand what they are intended for; just filling in the boxes is pointless.

Here are some of my learnings from learning:

  1. Intentional & Continuous Learning:

    • Embracing a mindset of continuous learning for better decision-making. Seek out learning opportunities and be open to being wrong.
  2. Value of Feedback:

    • Listening to customer feedback and being willing to pivot based on that feedback. 
  3. Adaptability and Flexibility:

    • Being adaptable and open to learning new domains can enhance problem-solving skills. Explore different industries and apply your skills in diverse contexts to broaden your perspective and expertise.
  4. Community Engagement:

    • Engaging with the product management community can lead to valuable insights and support. Participate in discussions, attend events, and network with peers to learn from their experiences and share your own.
  5. Effective Use of Frameworks:

    • Understand the purpose behind frameworks and use them as tools rather than rigid rules. This ensures you apply the right approach for the right situation, leading to more effective solutions.
  6. Promoting a Learning Culture:

    • Foster a learning culture within your team and organisation. Create an environment where team members feel safe to experiment, fail, and learn from their experiences. Encourage knowledge sharing and continuous improvement.

In short, product management is perfect for the curious and those who love to learn. You get to explore new areas, chat with customers, and adjust your plans based on what you discover. It's a job where being open to surprises and challenges keeps things exciting and helps you grow both personally and professionally. 



Amy Johnson | Chief Product Officer Propel

A product leader, passionate about empowering teams and fostering inclusion. Multi industry experience, now leading the product team at Propel, where we partner with you to accelerate your product development and achieve product market fit faster.