Product Due Diligence



Achieve your growth strategy faster with the right tactic: build, partner or buy. We will evaluate acquisition or partnering opportunities to find the best fit for your market and ensure you ask the right questions about product and strategy before you pull the trigger.



Product Strategy



Solve real customer problems, win hearts and move markets. We help you to distil and validate the customer problem, and define a product strategy guaranteed to create innovative solutions that make a real market impact.



Accelerated Product Delivery 



Navigate over hurdles and run fast at the target. Embedded into your business, our specially assembled  product delivery team will execute the product strategy, focused on solving the right problem to get you to market faster.



Product Modernisation



Deliver exceptional customer experiences by taking your desktop or client server products to the cloud. We will speed up your modernisation by identifying the right opportunities to capitalise on the tremendous potential of emerging tech.



Product Run & Scaling



Drive momentum for continued growth. We will build a plan for product success that goes beyond launch and continually improves the product experience to supercharge customer and business growth, and set you up to be a long-term challenger in your market.




A strategic partner for venture funded businesses

Maximise the value of your investment, faster. Partner with the team with proven experience to ensure your product reaches its high growth potential quickly and sustainably.

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We’re leaders, not facilitators

Our leaders take your product strategy and run with it ― to make sure you are building market-winning products from the outset. Working autonomously so we run quickly at the target, our teams are embedded in your business giving you full visibility and control without taking up your valuable bandwidth. Watch our co-founder Ben Ross talk about what makes Propel unique.

We're with you for the long game

Taking your product to market is only half the battle - you need a partner who will help you grow from strength to strength. Since Propel is founder-owned and led, we can take a more flexible approach to the typical commercial relationship.

We partner with our clients, sharing the risk of delivery and aligning our interests with yours. Your goal is our goal. Everything we do is committed to the future success of your product -- from getting to market to scaling innovation for the long-term.

Lead the product and solve real customer problems

Solve real user and market problems with the right product. Our team of product designers and developers is laser focused on achieving product-market fit.

We take your idea from product strategy to product design and development, through to launch and beyond. Our end-to-end ownership helps us stay close to customer feedback at every stage so there is never a risk of missing the market fit with unnecessary features.

Work with a proven team ready to hit the ground running. With a product manager, delivery leader, developers, UX designers and QA specialist, our teams are assembled with the perfect blend of thinkers and doers to accelerate your product development and capture market opportunities quickly. And because they work autonomously within your business, you save on the managerial bandwidth needed to deliver.