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Propel's launch sequence

We go beyond traditional product development to provide end-to-end support, from determining viable product opportunities to planning execution and scaling for success. With a focus on putting the right product management foundations in place, we help our clients stay ahead of the competition and secure long-term success.

Compressed - Mission Control

First stage

New horizons

At Propel, we balance a healthy respect for process with a delight for breaking rules. We smash through obstacles, always finding new and better ways to achieve our goals. We resolve open questions fast, and favour using data and direct client feedback to make decisions.

Second stage

Mission planning

Focusing on a product idea or problem, a Propel team performs an in-depth exploration and elaboration process to ensure market and business conditions are right for product market-fit. We will also work to validate, disprove, or evolve the product hypothesis using prototyping before your company makes any costly investments in development and infrastructure.

Third stage

Lift off

A Propel product development team is embedded in your organisation to enable development and delivery of your product through to launch. As experts in incremental and iterative delivery, Propel can accelerate speed to market utilising tight customer feedback loops. Our team will follow best practice engineering techniques and ensure future proofed technology solutions and designs are implemented.


Fourth stage


A Propel product development team performs ongoing management and enhancement of your product. The product enhancement process is always driven by measurement of key metrics and user feedback to ensure stable growth and adoption, enabling sustained innovation and product success.

Mission control

Our Propel experts will work with you as you embark on a Product-Led Transformation. We will help you understand your current state challenges and how to navigate your organisation to a product-led mindset and approach. We will provide a baseline assessment of your product organisation maturity, and work with you to uplift capability including vision, metrics, team topology and thematic product roadmaps to guide your teams towards successful product outcomes.