Propel come from a variety of backgrounds, beliefs and ways of looking at the world. We share five values that form the foundation of everything we do at Propel.

1. Founder's mindset

Being focused, taking ownership and having bias for action

The propel team understands the customer problem and are focused on developing products which they genuinely care about and take pride in. They are aligned in delivering smart, intuitive solutions while at the same time, effectively managing scope and commercial constraints.


Neil May

Quality is our core focus at Propel. We exist to provide high performance products and outstanding user experiences that perform at scale. We are constantly learning and growing our craft, to ensure our magic is delivered to customers every time.


Neha Patel

2. Craftmanship

Investing the right amount of time to work your magic

3. Client obsession

Building empathy for and understanding of our clients

Client obsession is a potent ingredient in our product recipe. It involves deeply understanding what drives our customers, connecting with both their desires and frustrations. Then using this understanding, to relentlessly evaluate our ideas and actions ensuring we make the best possible outcome a reality.


Joseph Ellis

Propel is passionate about creating a safe but challenging environment where every voice is given value. I feel enabled to speak up to share what I think is best for the team and our products. It is rewarding to see ideas grow from these honest, direct conversations into valuable outcomes for our customers and clients.


Wilson Liburne


Having direct honest conversations focusing on the issue not the individual. Equal measures of heart and head. 

5. Outsized impact

We make an outsized impact relative to the time spent

At Propel, we encourage a collaborative approach to working. By mentoring other team members or offering inputs into their work, one person can boost multiple people's productivity levels. This means that we can bring products to the market, faster!


Sabrina Huynh


Our values enable us to 
deliver successful outcomes

The Propel story

Want to learn more about the Propel story and how it all began? We captured our values, approach, services, team makeup and history into our comic book ‘Ethos’.