Product Strategy


What are the benefits?

If you have a current market problem or see one on the horizon, our Product Strategy service will help de-risk your investment. Propel will validate market needs through client research, produce high quality visual prototypes and fully costed product roadmaps.


Propel consult into financial and small business domains, identifying customer needs, market gaps and compelling parallels for you through adjacency thinking.


We can tell you exactly how your idea stacks up with the competition and get you and your team aligned on where the real opportunities are waiting.


Chase that opportunity with confidence knowing that Propel has validated that it will have the desired outcomes.


We will clarify the opportunity for you and crystalise it into a compelling message that will resonate with your stakeholders.

How does it work?

Propel utilise the four-diamond approach to product discovery and depending on your needs this process can be used to validate and define a small point solution, to a large enterprise scale solution.


Here is an example six week Product Strategy engagement using the four-diamond process:

Week 1 - Domain immersion

We start by reviewing research and resources concerning your business, conducting internal interviews and consulting with relevant partners. This information is used to create a set of clear problem statements — undoubtedly you will already have some problem or opportunity in mind.

Week 2 - Hypothesis formation

As soon as a set of problem statements are aligned on, we will look out into your market and into adjacent markets to create a set of initial solution hypotheses. These hypotheses will articulate how we propose you address the problem statements.

Week 3 - Hypothesis testing

Before we design anything, we first collect evidence that our hypotheses carry some weight. We conduct a series of interviews with relevant audiences, and the insights from those discussions will either confirm or replace our initial hypotheses.

Week 4 - Concept design

Now that we have confidence in our proposed solutions, we can articulate design concepts. This entails creating visual prototypes, designed primarily to be communication tools. Your delivery teams can use these mocks to inform their own designs and functional requirements.

Week 5 - Concept testing

Using our visual mocks, we then interview subjects immersing them in our design concepts. This immersion is critical to collecting clear and meaningful feedback, providing you and your investors with confidence in the likely success of your new product strategy.

Week 6 - Final proposal

All the discovery finding is brought to a head in a set of product delivery roadmaps and a final proposal filled with visual assets and research insights fit for stakeholder communication and even delivery directly to the board.

What do I get?

Propel will make sure that you get to the answers that you need to lead the product. You will receive a validated product strategy along with customer tested design concepts and visual mocks. These artefacts can then inform your technical discovery, functional requirement definition, and delivery.

Common artefacts you will receive include:

  • Access to Propel’s unique SMB domain expertise

  • Value chain analysis

  • Customer research interviews

  • Four-diamond research findings

  • Customer tested prototypes

  • MVP feature list


Product Delivery

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