Product Ideation

What are the benefits?

Technology investments are high risk. Propel can help you shine a light on the unknown and identify opportunities and articulate strategies that your business can rally behind.


You have a brilliant idea, but before you invest you need to test your hypothesis with the market - Propel can help do this for you.


We can tell you exactly how your idea stacks up with the competition and get you and your team aligned on where the real opportunities are waiting.


Chase that opportunity with confidence knowing that Propel has validated that it will have the desired outcomes.


We will clarify the opportunity for you and crystalise it into a compelling message that will resonate with your stakeholders.


How does it work?

First you engage with our strategy practice, which is made up of expert practitioners and our panel of partners, who each have a depth of experience in financial and SMB services. Then, we use the best practice tools to distil exactly what the opportunities are and a hypothesis covering how best you achieve it.

Here are some of the activities we may employ while providing our Product Ideation service:

  • Exploratory research using the four-diamond discovery framework

  • Hypothesis formulation and testing

  • Technical due diligence and asset review

What do I get?

Most importantly, by helping you figure out the answers to your questions and produce these outputs we’ve gained a shared, contextual understanding of your idea, your business and your intentions.

Common resources you will receive include:

  • Four-diamond research findings

  • A set of confirmed or disproved hypotheses

  • Propel will share their hypothesis governance framework

  • A clear and decisive set of recommendations


Product Strategy

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